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What the Tea Can Do for You

When you want to know about yohimbe tea benefits, you should first learn something about this potent herb. The bark which is used to make tea and herbal supplements, is derived from the yohimbe tree which grows in West Africa. It is often used as an ingredient in prescription drugs because it contains a chemical which is known as yohimbine. The degree to which the chemical is used in prescription medications may vary so you should be cautious when using it. If being used for medicinal purposes, you should talk to your doctor before you start using yohimbe, especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, or if you're taking any medications which could cause interactions.

Among the yohimbe tea benefits, is that it is often used as an aphrodisiac in both men and women. The chemicals that are released in yohimbe can cause it to have changes in your nervous system that enhance your mood. It stimulates nonadrenaline. This can cause mood changes. Another of the benefits is that yohimbe supplements have been found to have a positive effect on people suffering from depression. Taken on a consistent basis, it can make the symptoms of depression decrease. You should never exceed the daily recommended dosage which is between 15 and 30 grams daily.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the yohimbe tea benefits when used as a pharmaceutical drug. Yohimbe has been found to stimulate blood flow and releases non-adrenaline. You'll find that the chemical in yohimbe can be beneficial to you if you make your own herbal tea using approximately 6 teaspoons of yohimbe bark and steep it for around 10 minutes to get the full effect of the herb. It's often recommended that you either take a Vitamin C supplement prior to drinking the tea or adding Vitamin C to the tea before you drink it. Vitamin C and increase the effects of the herb but will also alleviate any unpleasant side effects that may occur. One brand of the tea known as Buddha Teas is recommended.

Another of the yohimbe tea benefits that some people may find helpful is that it can improve the health of the heart in some cases. Yohimbe has the ability to lower blood pressure. It can also dilate blood vessels. However, anyone who has a history of heart problems should never use any form of yohimbe before discussing it with their cardiologist. If your heart is in a weakened state, you must be especially careful of taking yohimbe, and it should only be used under the strict supervision of a doctor.

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